“When you walk into this place, you might think you’re entering a hotel!! It’s very beautiful and clean. There’s no weird, funky smell or anything like that. There’s a piano that you or your loved ones can play. The facility plays music throughout the building that the residents enjoy hearing. This place has nice spacious rooms and you can ask for different room options for whatever you or your loved ones want. Additionally, the way the building and the rooms are set up provides privacy. The staff is very friendly and they work as a team. I noticed that they use walkie-talkies to communicate so that if one of the caregivers need assistance they can call for help instantly. You can contact the management at any time for questions or concerns regarding you or your loved ones’ stay because they will be more than happy to help you. The food they serve is delicious and it’s fresh and hot out of the kitchen. Honestly, the service equates to a five star hotel! They have different activities each day for you or your loved ones. For example, they have a huge art room/game room where you can paint or play different games. This facility also has a movie room! It’s as if you’re going to the movies because of their reclining seats and the screen is huge!! I think it’s a good atmosphere to be in. If you’re looking for a place for yourself or your loved ones I urge to you give this place a chance”.

“My wife and I recently placed a family member, Linda, in Double Creek shortly after they opened. We were Linda’s primary care givers and it finally got to the point that we were unable to meet her declining health and medical needs in our home. We visited another facility owned by Double Creek’s ownership on the west side of Round Rock and were very impressed. Then we discovered the company was about to open a new facility very near our house. Double Creek has been a godsend for us and for Linda. The facility looks more like a luxury hotel or resort than a health care facility. I worked as a manager in the state agency that regulates health care facilities in Texas for almost 4 decades and can say unequivocally that Double Creek is among the best, if not the best, I’ve ever seen. And the staff, from the executive director to the direct care staff, are all exceptional. The company’s commitment to quality compassionate care is obvious.

If you have a loved one that needs assisted living services or memory care services, you should give Double Creek serious consideration. We did and we’re glad that we did”.